ChronoBank Zeitwährung timebased money system currency

ChronoBank disrupting industries by time-based currency

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]This ambitious wide-range blockchain project got millions of funding already and  is disrupting HR, recruitment and the finance sector.


By What?

A crowdbased approach to freelancing based on a digital time-based currency 🙂

The “Bank” is targeting mainly E-Commerce, Cleaning, Warehousing, Industrial and Building.

Well, huge enough the markets aren’t they?

So how does it work out?

Well, very well!

Here some Features:

Labour-Hour Features

  • Alternative financial system

    As a blockchain-based form of private, time-based money, banks are made redundant, and transactions happen directly between people and businesses.
  • Multiple blockchains supported

    LH tokens and dapps will be created on Ethereum, Waves and NEM blockchains.
  • Protection from inflation

    LH tokens will be linked to national average hourly wages, which have significant and stable growth with very low volatility.
  • AUD/USD/EUR/GBP transactions

    LH have stable prices in fiat currencies. They, therefore, allow users to transact while maintaining AUD/USD/EUR/GBP-measured values.
  • Stable tokens will issue Labour-Hour coins with stable value, protecting users from cryptocurrency’s infamous volatility.
  • Simple to use

    Designed with users in mind and with best UI/UX practices. One click to buy/sell/send transactions with fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • Transparency

    A decentralised ledger backbone and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of Labour-Hour life cycle.
  • LH Debit Card

    LH tokens will be hyper-liquid and accessible 24/7 via the LH debit card.

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